IDI for Undergrads

Undergraduate Student Days

The International Dermal Institute is proud to offer Undergraduate Student Days (USD): your introduction to the professional skin care industry! We invite Undergraduate skin therapy schools to expose their students to IDI's gold standard of education.

Ready to get a taste of what this industry is really about? Want to ignite your passion and experience the enthusiasm for yourself? Then attend an Undergraduate Student Day!

For more information contact one of our education registrars.

Continuing your Education

Newly Licensed? Get the advanced training that will give you the necessary competitive edge to stand out! We know being new to the industry is intimidating, and even a little scary, while you start to establish your revenue stream. So we’ve bundled our most in demand classes to give you a cost-savings opportunity!

Package 1: Skin Therapy Success

For the newly licensed therapist seeking to gain confidence and hands on experience.

  • International Skin Care Techniques (three day, hands-on workshop)  Includes a $60 training DVD for free!
  • Galvanic and High Frequency Treatments (one day)
  • IDI Speed Waxing Techniques – summer’s most requested service! (one day)

Package price: $495 – a $100 savings!
Deposit required; package must be completed within six months of registration.

Package 2: Educational Journey

Need to revitalize your passion? This package is for seasoned pros looking to sharpen their competitive edge. Customize your package by choosing four specialized classes:

  • Acne: Types, Triggers & Treatments
  • Acids, Peels and Exfoliants
  • Results and Treatments for Aging Skin
  • Treating Sensitized Skin
  • Skin Analysis 101

Package price: $330 – a $110 savings!
Deposit required; package must be completed within six months of registration.

Career Services

Many skin treatment centers seek out students from The International Dermal Institute because they know that skin therapists who pursue advanced post graduate training make successful and passionate employees!

At IDI, we want to assist you in beginning your career. Check out our industry job board to start your search.

IDI for Undergrads

No one in the industry can prepare you for a successful career in skin therapy like The International Dermal Institute.  Start by attending one of our Undergraduate Student Days.