"I’m thinking about starting my own business, but it’s so overwhelming and I don’t know where to get started. Any advice on what to keep in mind when making this venture?"
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Are you planning on renting a room at a treatment center or are you looking to open a treatment center of your own with multiple rooms and services? Once you know the type of business and where it is located you can start adding the pieces. You’ll first need the necessary equipment, such as beds, towels, magnifying lamps, wax, machines, etc., and of course you'll want to open an account with your preferred product line. Think about all the items you would use during a skin treatment - from steamers to cotton pads to consultation cards, and make sure you have it all ready to go when you open your space!

Once you have all those pieces then it is time to start marketing your new business. We recommend creating both a Facebook page and a Twitter page for your business, but don’t stray from traditional marketing methods as well, especially if you live in a small area. Work with other business in the area to create buzz, have a launch event for the opening, and hold other events throughout the year to keep the buzz going. But before you do anything, create an estimate all of the expenses and what you expect your revenue to be for the first year so you know you can cover your expenses while building your business. 

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