"I have combination/sensitized skin. My nose and forehead get really oily but my cheeks are normal. I use Oil Control Lotion on my nose and forehead but they get oily an hour later. What should I do?"
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It sounds like you may be dehydrated, and Oil Control Lotion may not be offering you enough hydration. It may help to focus on increasing moisture rather than attempting to conceal the oil, and the oil may subside naturally on its own. You have several options here. You could try Active Moist in the day and Oil Control Lotion at night, or you could try Active Moist both morning and night. You could also try Clearing Mattifier during the day. If you need, apply Active Moist over it. If you feel hydrated enough, you can skip the moisturizer during the day and use it just at night (try Active Moist). Also, make sure you exfoliate gently a few times a week if your skin is not too sensitized to ensure you're sloughing any congested skin.

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