"Is there any hope for ridding of sun damage and brown spots on the face without lasers or pharmaceutical grade products/treatments?"
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Yes there is hope! Some ingredients like Hydroquinone and even Kojic Acid have come under much scrutiny for their irritant properties; however there are other ingredients that have been shown to target hyperpigmentation without the irritation or negative side effects. Of course, hyperpigmentation can be the result of several factors, including inflammation, hormones and aging. The treatments depend on from where the pigmentation arises. Some great ingredients include:

• Oligopeptide-34: decreases melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity in melanocytes, and decreases transfer of melanosomes to new keratinocyte cells.
• Vitamin C has also been used to control melanogenesis.
• Others include Niacinamide, Glucosamine, Brown Seaweed and Red Algae extracts.

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