"I hear that wine is both good and bad for skin. Which is true?"
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Wine is said to be beneficial to health is because it contains polyphenols that prevent free radicals from causing cellular damage or oxidation. Wine also has resveratrol and quercetin, which help boost the immune system and prevent cancer and possibly heart disease. Overall, a glass of red here and there is believed to help rather than hurt. However, when it comes to wine and its effects on skin, several factors must be considered. It can be detrimental to Rosacea or sensitized skin. The alcohol and tannins in wine (especially in red wine) will be likely to cause more redness and possibly burning and stinging. It can also dilate blood vessels and dehydrate skin, again worsening existing skin conditions or leading to new problems. All in all, take into consideration your individual skin conditions and decide from there whether or not the health benefits of wine are worth the potential risks to your skin. If you don't have Rosacea or sensitivity- or another skin condition that is worsened by alcohol, then raise a glass!

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