"Why does skin sometimes go through a “honeymoon” phase with new products? Some of my clients react really well when starting a new line, then after a few months their skin seems to adjust and doesn’t look as good as it did in the beginning."
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There is sometimes a “honeymoon” phase with new products because the skin can dramatically show improvement when it’s exposed to a consistent routine that includes higher quality products compared to what they have been doing and using previously. Coupled with this you have a willing participant (i.e. the newly “skin invested” client) who is also now armed with some fresh skills and a greater awareness of how to cleanse, tone and protect her/his skin. A proper double cleansing routine alone will radically improve oily and acne prone skin! So the initial clearing, healthy glow and smooth texture that a client experiences is very noticeable, especially if skin wasn’t in such great shape. But much like how the body “plateaus” when following a diet or workout routine, the skin is pretty much the same and needs change. So as a “skin trainer” it’s important to tweak your clients’ regimens and treatments and continue to educate them about their skin, which is a fluctuating, ever-changing organ! Keep adjusting to their lifestyle, environment, travel schedule and general health. Establish goals for your clients with each visit, review results and monitor changes at each appointment. This will offer a way to measure true improvement.

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