"I have a client who recently had a sun spot pop up on her face. She is currently using Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, Antioxidant HydraMist, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 and Power Rich™. I suggested the ChromaWhite TRx® system along with a series of skin brightening treatments. She wants to wait until the fall to do it, but I was wondering if I should add the C-12 concentrate to her regimen?"
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It is always best to treat and prevent simultaneously, so rather than wait until the end of summer when the sunspot is more intense, we suggest you start her on a regimen now. Treat the pigmentation now with C-12 Concentrate while protecting against further aggravation with either Pure Light SPF30 or Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30. However, bear in mind, these moisturizers with SPF may not be providing enough coverage if she is not applying an adequate amount (1 teaspoon). Your client can also supplement Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 with a booster sunscreen.

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