"What are the best ways to retain my patients/clients? Also, if changing locations, what’s the best way to notify them?"
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Client retention is based on several factors. First, you must be passionate. You must also be able to give them results they can see (education, technology and skills must constantly be updated). You must also be available, and hours should revolve around the consumer. In addition, offer loyalty rewards such as VIP promos, loyalty incentives and punch cards (6th treatment free, free add on treatment, etc.). Stay connected through social media, events, eblasts, postcards and phone calls, send thank you cards and tell your clients how much you appreciate their business. Reward WOM referrals: incentivize your best customers that recommend you. Try a “Bring a Friend” promotion (they get 50% off) or offer a gift for recommending four new people. Finally, don’t always think treatments, think about coaching and retail. Clients may not come to you as regularly anymore so offer price conscious, time compressed treatments and free coaching skin lessons etc. Make sure they still buy their products from you and maintain THAT relationship.

 In terms of notifying clients when relocating, you must check with the center at which you work because you may not be able to take those clients with you. However if you are allowed to take clients with you, a postcard and eblast will be best. If you have a website, Facebook page, etc., put the information there as well.

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