"What are the most successful merchandising tools I can use in my retail area? I have lots of posters and some pictures, but they seem to clutter up the small space I have, and I am not sure which are the best to use. Any advice? "
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Merchandising your retail space is an absolute must to maximize your revenue potential. Here are the top ten tips for properly merchandising your space from our in-house expert.

1. Start by ensuring all shelves and products are clean. This requires you to dust frequently; we personally love the Swiffer dusters.
2. Your products should be front and forward on your display shelves or table, and be easily accessible to the skin therapist and consumer. Don’t miss out on potential sales by storing products behind the counter or in a cabinet.
3. All testers should be full, clean, and placed in front of corresponding products.
4. Products should always be well-stocked. Use a wooden ruler to easily straighten and even out your rows.
5. Merchandise in order of use, i.e. cleansers, toners, moisturizers, etc.
6. Best sellers should sit on shelves at eye level.
7. Double-up on best selling products.
8. Use PR display sheets provided by your product manufacturer to call out product awards and mentions in the press.
9. When creating displays, always merchandise products in quantities of 3s and 5s from tallest to smallest, creating an impactful pyramid shape.
10. Use display units for any collateral materials (brochures, etc.) that talk about the products.

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