"I find it very difficult to treat my clients who suffer severe hyperpigmentation. What do you recommend?"
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First, try to determine the cause of the hyperpigmentation, and eliminate the source where possible. Exfoliation with Lactic Acid is a great starting point, and remember: clients should wear sunscreen daily! A course of treatments is essential and should include electrical equipment that will enhance product penetration (such as Galvanic Iontophoresis or Specific Iontophoresis [Microcurrent]). Avoid Hydroquinone, as this ingredient has come under scrutiny due to safety concerns. There is evidence that Hydroquinone may be toxic and potentially carcinogenic, which is why it is banned in many countries. Using ingredients that brighten the skin and target the melanin production (such as Oligopeptide-34) are safe, effective ways to help treat and prevent further discoloration.

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