"Some of my clients use products that I absolutely disagree with, mostly for financial purposes. I’ve shared my concerns about these products with them and explained the negative effects it’s likely and literally causing on their skin, but they don’t listen or make changes. What can I do from here? It’s difficult treating people’s skin when they go home and use harsh ingredients then expect to see results from our appointments!"
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Unfortunately, you cannot make them switch their products, as you know. It might help to give them samples of the products you recommend and ask that they do a little homework – compare the samples to their products at home and write down any differences that they notice. This will force them to actually pay attention to the differences in products. If your preferred product line has starter kits, try to get the client to at least purchase one of those so she/he will have a good month’s worth of product to really see a difference. Also, educate your clients on the science behind what those products are actually doing to their skin. Get ph test strips and test soap against cleanser. People will be more likely to change when they can see (not just be told about) the potential damage for themselves.

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