"My hands get EXTREMELY dry in the winter. I'm certain they are damaged from my negligent use of chemicals back in my "not so green" days of obsessive cleaning. They seem to lack the given amount of lipids they first had. I'll soon be working part time and am nervous that they will get even worse from having product on them all the time and from numerous amounts of hand washing. Do you have any advice for damaged hands that have to work?"
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Your hands seem to be dehydrated and prone to sensitivity due to the climate and the exposure to ingredients that may be high in surfactant level. Washing with soap and water, even though mildly irritating for most, can be more irritating when done frequently. If you cannot choose a cleanser with lower surfactant levels, then you'll want to protect yourself from future damage. If you also use exfoliants, use gloves and a brush if possible. Less is better in this instance. Also, replenish your natural lipids with a product containing lipids such as Ceramides, Sterols and fatty acids.

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