"What is the difference between Fraxel, Co2 & Titan, and what is the difference amongst lasers, IPL and brand names of lasers?"
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There are many types of lasers and light therapies available today and new technologies enter the market place daily! There are invasive or ablative lasers (which remove skin through cell destruction) like the Erbium Yag, Co2 lasers. There are also Fraxellated lasers (like the Fraxel), which partially resurface the skin but leave it intact and require less downtime. Non-ablative lasers help to encourage new collagen growth and firm/plump the skin by bypassing the epidermis and targeting the dermis. These tend to use Radio Frequency waves, and now Ultrasonic Technology, like Thermage and Titan. IPL is non-invasive/non-ablative and targets melanin and blood. It is used for hyperpigmentation and broken capillaries.

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