"A few of my clients want to bring in their children for skin treatments. The problem is, these kids are between ages 9-12 with no skin issues – their parents just want them to begin taking care of their skin at an early age. How should I treat such young skin?"
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First, acknowledge your clients’ interest in teaching their children good skin habits, and encourage it. It’s ok to treat these children, just do so in a very gentle and short manner. Go through the motions of a full skin treatment, but leave out unnecessary steps such as exfoliation. So you could analyze their skin, cleanse, apply a mild masque such as a hydrating masque, give a light arm massage, and then moisturize. This doesn’t have to last for a full hour – you can cut the treatment down to 30 or even 20 minutes. Also, teach them the importance of wearing sunscreen daily!    

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