"I’m losing some of my waxing clients to laser hair removal. I understand that this is inevitable, as anyone would love to permanently remove body hair, but what can I do to better market my waxing services? Should I promote more for brow waxing services since most people don’t turn to laser for that?"
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First, don’t be discouraged about your waxing services and know that many people out there still choose waxing over any other form of hair removal. The best way to gain a larger brow waxing clientele would be through social media and events. Use Facebook and Twitter to talk about your services and appointment openings. Put in regular effort for this and people will be more likely to come across your business. Also, create offers such as waxing “parties” or packages – for example purchase 5 brow waxes, get the 6th free. Keep in mind that a laser can't really shape the brows, so as you asked, it may be a good idea to promote your brow services. Also, while lasers are FDA approved as "permanent hair reduction," they don't always remove all hair from the area. This is where waxing services could come in as well - you could remove the remaining hair. And one last thought - lasers can cause dark skin to hyperpigment more easily, so many darker skin clients may not feel comfortable with lasers and they might prefer waxing instead.    

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