Sensitive Skin: Calm, Cool and Under Control

by Annet King

Sensitive skin, a condition that is typically genetic and internal, can be painful and difficult to treat. Most sensitive skin clients have fair complexions and are prone to redness. It's common knowledge that those with sensitive skin should avoid certain ingredients and situations (alcohol, caffeine, too much sun and too much heat, for example) to avoid aggravating the situation further.

At The International Dermal Institute, we know the importance of keeping sensitive skin cool and calm during a treatment, and we recommend Galvanic Current by means of Iontophoresis and the cool Peltier to enhance the effects of cooling, soothing ingredients.

Galvanic Current: Iontophoresis

Using Galvanic Current – a continuous current that flows in one direction – on the positive polarity is referred to as Iontophoresis. Galvanic Iontophoresis uses a water–soluble, acidic pH solution to achieve deeper penetration of water-based products and ingredients. During an Iontophoresis treatment, the skin therapist uses the positive electrode to make contact with the skin while the client holds the negative electrode, which attracts the acidic solution from the positive pole.

Some of the main effects of Galvanic Iontophoresis include:

    • An acidic reaction on the skin
    • Constriction of the follicles
    • Calmed sensitivities
    • Contraction of blood vessels
    • Tightened and firmed tissues

Because Galvanic Iontophoresis has a calming and vasoconstrictive effect on the skin, it is not only ideal to help product penetrate, but it also helps reduce sensitivity and redness on the skin.

Cool Peltier

A great modality to use post-extraction is the peltier, an electrically controlled cooling device ideal for reducing redness or inflammation in the skin. This could include inflamed pustular acne, Rosacea or sensitized skin. The cool peltier is especially effective for use post-extraction, particularly if your clients have a tendency to redness, as the cooling will reduce redness and calm the skin. And it’s fantastic for use on any irritation (even after over-zealous extractions!).

Staying Cool

Treating sensitive skin may seem simpler than it is – avoid heat, use cooling and calming products (Licorice, oats, etc.) and don’t over-stimulate the client’s skin. But there’s more to it: note that there are often other factors that may further complicate your client’s condition. Issues such as hormones/menopause, dehydration, improper nutrition, smoking, lack of rest and many other factors may impact the skin’s sensitivity levels. Educate the client on the importance of treating both the skin and the internal body to avoid sensitizing the skin further, as sensitization is a precursor to prematurely aging skin.

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Sensitive Skin: Calm, Cool and Under Control