"Are there any ingredients that you suggest every skin care regimen includes (apart from sunscreens)? As in a topical antioxidant or just something specific every skin will benefit from. Also what are the most up and coming ingredients you can see coming along that are likely to be used in formulations in the future?"
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As you know, every skin is different, so each person will benefit most from a more tailored approach. All people can benefit from moisturization and exfoliation, although it depends on skin sensitivity. Use Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, and look for ingredients that fight aging (Glycation, MMPs, ROS, AGEs) like Soy, peptides and topical antioxidants. Retinoids are also a great addition to skin care for all, but again this depends on skin sensitivity. Of course always finish off with sunscreen. Future formulations will have to be targeted and results-driven. All ingredients mentioned are always getting updated, so look out for new peptides, stable antioxidants and vitamins, as well as novel delivery methods.

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