"I have breakouts along the jawline that are not pustule, but rather more of a closed comedone. What is the best treatment for them and is this hormonal? Also, how do I treat the scars?"
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It's always possible that breakouts like this stem from hormonal issues, but only a doctor can say so for sure, so you'll have to send your client to a dermatologist for a second opinion. However, closed comedones in this area could likely be caused from comedogenic ingredients in makeup, lack of proper cleansing or exfoliation, or even from resting your face on your hands. Also, phones can cause these breakouts as well. Phones harbor A LOT of bacteria, and if they aren't properly cleaned, they can contribute to congestion and breakouts as well. For scarring, use ingredients such as Lactic Acid, TCA, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Also, make sure you exfoliate regularly, and of course you must ALWAYS wear sunscreen!!

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