"I quit smoking 3 months ago and knew that I could expect some changes in my skin. I figured that I would break out at first due to such a change within my body, but I have been breaking out all over my face for the past 3 months. With a change like this (I smoked for almost 14 years), how long can I expect to breakout? And do you think that I should or will now have to completely change my skin care regimen?"
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Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking! It may take a few more weeks for your skin to settle into a new routine, but it depends on how long you have been smoking, how stressed you are now that you have quit smoking etc. Hang in there! With regards to your regimen changing, changes may be possible, as now your skin will be able to regenerate more quickly and product ingredients will be able to penetrate more easily. You will notice the changes slowly but you will be very happy once you see the results!

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