Trade Secrets

by Jane Wurwand (as seen in Dermascope Magazine)

At the age of 13, in a small seaside town in the UK where I was born and raised, I began my career in the 'beauty' industry with my first job as a 'Saturday Girl' in the local hair salon. Saturday was the big day for all of the local ladies to come to the spa to have their updo's taken down, washed, trimmed, and set for the next week (or two) under the helmet dryer. My job consisted of sweeping up the hair-cuttings from the floor. Times have changed! Straight out of high school I went to study skin therapy and I have never worked in any other industry... and I never want to!

I love working with skin, and I became a licensed skin therapist and aromatherapist in the UK. From the time I was young, I knew that was my calling. So, I have been a skin therapist, teacher, and a company founder, just as I am today. I am most engaged and most informed by the actual hands-on work of professional skin therapy. Then and now, I feel that this work - actually touching people's skin as part of their health and wellness - is undervalued and that the professionals who engage in it do not command the respect that their skills deserve. It is one of the greatest healing arts. Continually, I am surprised by the fact that many very informed, chic women do not take professional skin care seriously. I think we've all kind of gotten the message about the need for sun protection, which is great, but that is only part of the package. Many women do not know how to cleanse their skin. When it comes to choosing a skin care clinic or spa I believe they base their decision on a variety of factors; the most powerful of these is a feeling of connection. Of course, they choose to go because they know that their skin will look fantastic afterward. But I also think they go in order to be touched.

What separates the best clinics, or the best skin therapists and skin care centers is a clear sense of identity and purpose. Opening a skin care practice or a spa is by definition a fairly risky proposition, because the services and products offered are relatively expensive. I believe in making skin care accessible and economical, but it is nevertheless an investment. With this in mind, you need to have a clear sense of who you are when you enter the skin care arena. You cannot be all things to all people. So, what separates the best from the rest is this clear purpose, clear mission, clear branding.

I have never really focused on staying relevant. To me, that speaks to a sense of keeping up with a trend or an outside influence. While it is indeed important to stay up-to-date with new developments, I think that relevancy is a result of our intention. I stay relevant by constantly asking what my intention is here. As long as we are focused on the client (or student) first, then bring our own talent and ability to achieving the result THEY need, our work will stay relevant.

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Trade Secrets