"I have had constant, bad acne on only my chin for the past 13 years. They are very deep pustules and no matter what i have tried, nothing stops them from coming. I have recently just started the Proactiv skincare regimen and a course of microdermabrasion for the scarring. Is it true that it could be my diet? I am quite a healthy eater though."
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The fact that you have had breakouts on your chin sounds more like your hormones than your diet is playing a role. We are glad that you are doing exfoliation, as this is a great way to ensure the skin is clear and you’ll prevent future congestion. Salicylic Acid is very beneficial for breakouts because it is an anti-inflammatory as well as a great skin exfoliant. Another great ingredient for breakouts is Sulfur (especially in a masque). And ensure you reduce your stress levels with exercise and adequate!

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