"What’s the best way to treat Keratosis Pilaris? "
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Keratosis Pilaris is an excess accumulation of keratin within the hair follicles that forms hard plugs (the process is known as hyperkeratinization). While this is usually a cosmetic consequence, the best way to alleviate the condition is with the use of regular exfoliation (daily is ok), Retinol and medicated lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids (i.e. Salicylic Acid). Also, Urea may be used to temporarily to improve the appearance and texture of the affected skin. Just remember that Keratosis Pilaris is genetic, and if you are prone to it all you can do is attempt to control it – you cannot eliminate it. Watch for signs of it also on the outer thighs. If it appears there as well, use the same regimen as you would on the arms. 

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