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    The latest buzzword in marketing is “butlering”. You don’t need to wear white gloves to master it, but this approach does require a shift of focus. And it’s the best way we can think of to ensure that your skin care business will thrive as our world-economy continues to give everyone a bit of a rough ride.

    “Brand butlers” are features of a brand which focus upon “assisting consumers to make the most of their daily lives”, according to They’re making a distinction here between selling a lifestyle/identity and assisting the consumer in the form of a service-oriented persona.

    One of the hottest examples is the creation of a helpful iPhone app. An example: Whole Foods offering an app which features recipes using its products. These apps are the newest go-to, as you know, for finding skills and advice.

    Time, convenience, control and independence are the new currencies. These qualities are what people are seeking. The mood: practical and pragmatic. What does this mean to your business?

    You already know that luxury, pampering, indulgence and silly stuff like caviar and gold-dust facials are off the menu forever. Since serving is the new selling, start by homing in on what your clients really want. What do they talk about when they come in? We’re guessing they mostly talk about their time, and how little of it there is. They will say that they are “crazy-busy”, even if they do not have a job, per se, and even if they do not have children to care for.

    Your mission is to offer them service which does not waste their time, like MicroZone treatments, products which deliver results, and an overall experience which perfectly meets their needs, like an immaculately dressed butler appearing with a pitcher of iced martinis exactly when you need them (now wouldn’t THAT be nice?).

    Most important: keep listening.

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