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    Please just pinch me.

    There is so much to say, so I’ll just start. On September 21, I participated in the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in New York City. If you don’t already know all about it, go here:

    I won’t go on and on about the history and purpose of CGI, because I’d rather tell you why I was there. A lot of the reason is F.I.T.E. (Financial Independence Through Women’s Entrepreneurship), the radical, empowering women’s microloan initiative which Dermalogica is launching with, right now. Much more to tell on that subject.

    First, let me say that I have only been a U.S. citizen for about a year. And…. I just met with President Bill Clinton. I heard President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. I sat in the audience as Hillary Clinton spoke. You’ve heard it all before, but let me remind you: only in America. Believe it.

    And can I just say this, also, about the audience? Barbra Streisand. Cherie Blair. Katie Couric. Tina Brown. Melinda Gates. Geena Davis. Ron Woods. MICK JAGGER.

    I met brilliant world-economist Nicholas Kristof, author of the NYT bestseller “Half the Sky”, and told him how much he inspired me, and helped to set our entire new F.I.T.E. initiative into motion.

    I chatted with Katie Couric about F.I.T.E.-and it turns out that she’s a Dermalogica aficionada.

    And, at random, I was seated next to the President of Prada at lunch.

    My attitude toward this entire experience was “Allow and Accept” [and I would have gladly accepted any Prada shoes he threw my way!] and the giddy mix of the serendipitous with the heart-stopping, the glam with the lofty, well, more to tell shortly.

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