• Spare The Rod? Oh, Spare Me!

    OH, BEHAVE! Keeping Manners In Mind
    by Annet King

    Is it okay for me to bring my little one along with me for my appointment?
    Frankly, I’d prefer if you brought your dog.
    Okay, now before I am vilified as a child-hater, let me just say that I’m a dog-lover. There is a distinction.

    Is it rude for a client to bring a child to a professional appointment? Potentially, it is. This is because there are often other paying customers in the business at any given time. And many of them are there, frankly, to escape the patter of little feet for a blessed hour or two.

    Different skin care centers, spas and salons have differing policies regarding whether or not children are permitted. When clients defy these policies – and the excuses are endless, starting with the classic “I couldn’t find a sitter”—this could be considered the very essence of rudeness. When the facility does permit children, both client and the professional team must take care that the experience of other patrons is not compromised. Now, that would really be rude!

    And, I feel that unless the facility has a fully-staffed professional child care service, where the little ones may safely be deposited for an hour or so, the front desk staff then have to do the honors of entertaining little Jenny. The Mother herself can’t really “be here now”, as the bumper sticker says especially when doing downward dog on the table getting a full leg and bikin wax. Bringing the kid into the room around wax pots and microcurrent also not a safe option. Distraction will diminish the experience. If it’s a 10-minute brow tidy, it’s no big deal. But wondering whether your little darlings are getting into mischief for 60 to 90 minutes really makes mum’s visit more stress than bliss—and may really tick off other clients in the process.

    Back in the bad old days, proper people said that children were to be seen, not heard. These days, with ear-buds, texting, Droid and all the rest, utter silence among smaller people is possible, but this is a sad, wasted opportunity. Kids are insular enough these days; in fact, I honestly believe that their isolation leads to a distinct generational rudeness.

    If clients are permitted to bring kids to your facility, then my advice is to encourage them to bring two, or even three. Because any skin care center worth its microfoliant has an interactive Skin Bar, where dabbing, poking, patting, smearing and splashing in the name of healthy skin are not only tolerated, but encouraged. Sort of a combination of finger-painting and icing cupcakes with your bare hands. And since we’re talking about skin care products, nothing breaks, nothing stains, and it all rinses off, fresh and lovely, with warm water and a dry towel.
    This presumes that your skin care center has stepped up their game with what we call the Skin Bar, where customers perch on bar stools, pin their hair back, enjoy an array of products presented on trays, sushi-style, and clean up with cotton swabs and personal steamers.

    But here’s the thing – once the kids hit the Skin Bar, they’ll never want to leave.

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