• Winterize Your Clients’ Skin and Boost Your Retail and Service Sales!

    Protect your clients during the colder months by adjusting their homecare regimen to combat skin dryness and irritation caused by the cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Suggest a more hydrating and emollient moisturizer, nourishing body cream and a treatment serum to address dryness and replenish the protective barrier layer of the skin.

    Run a Winter Skin Promotion and offer a Winter Skin Soother Treatment on your menu. To increase bookings offer a complimentary Nourishing Hand Treatment that features a paraffin dip. Clients love free add-ons, and you can apply it while the masque is on!

    Woman outside during winter snowfall

    Learn all about sensitive skin in the newest addition to Skin Series: Sensitive Skin and Inflammation with Dr. Claudia Aguirre.

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