• Girls are the Gateway to Societal Success

    Over the past decade, research has been reflecting this statement despite the lack of data on girls in the developing world. If she stays in school, remains healthy, and gains skills, she will marry later, have fewer and healthier children, and earn an income that she’ll invest back into her family (United Nations Population Fund, State of World Population 1990). Compared to her male counterparts who invest about a third of their income back into their families, she will invest 90% (Chris Fortson, “Women’s Rights Vital for Developing World,” Yale News Daily 2003). Currently there are about 600 million adolescent girls throughout the developing world. And they are the future.

    To ensure success within an environment that does not necessarily foster female progress in the business or political sector, it is important to allow these girls to gain proper education and skills that will allow her to have a bright future. The power of education really is evident in society. It gives children the confidence to visualize success in their future. It allows the mind to wonder and investigate, allowing for creativity. Higher education, be it in a trade, vocation or academia, has been proven to be a measure of success later in life.

    January is national mentoring month. I believe people, and maybe females in particular, benefit greatly from one-on-one educational interactions. We have all benefitted from a great teacher or mentor, so why not do something valuable for others? Getting involved in your community can be more rewarding than you may imagine!
    To learn more about adolescent girl education read a report here

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