• Where are the Women in Science?

    Marie Curie was the first person ever to be awarded two Nobel prizes, and the first female to win one. That was 100 years ago.

    Where are we now? She still holds the record. No other female has multiple Nobel prizes. In fact, only 40 women in total have been awarded the Nobel Prize between 1901 and 2009. 773 males have been awarded.

    Last time I wrote about the importance of educating the girls around the world. With my background, it was evident that females were the minority in the science field. One issue that still pervades higher education is the scarcity of women in the STEM fields- science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Just before Christmas, the UK government was congratulating themselves on protecting science, while quietly ending the funding to the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science Engineering and Technology. Why the lack of progress in this particular area? There is no clear answer, but there are efforts by several organizations to improve these statistics. It is not that girls and women lack the ability to study math and science, or are incapable or being business-minded. It has more to do with the lack of confidence girls and women feel in their own abilities, an issue that may be perpetuated by the cultural ethos.

    What about boys?
    Yes males are half of the global population, but some of the major challenges in attaining proper education are unique to girls and women. Pregnancy, societal restrictions, early marriage are all issues that may prevent a girl from continuing her education. This is a centuries-old problem that requires a modern solution.
    Together, as a global society, we can make a change for the better. Invest in a girl and she will ensure a brighter future for herself and her community.


    • linda Says:

      im actually looking into this type of field i love being an esthetician instructor , but i want to kick it up a knotch!! i was highly inspired my Claudia Aguirre, when i went to an event at Carson whre she talked about neuroscience and the effects on skin!!!! i really want to do that!!!!! i just feel its to late for me and its going to take a looooooong time and a loooooot of money, money that i dont have :(

      January 29, 2011 at 2:03 am
    • Dr. Claudia Says:

      Hi Linda,

      thanks for your comments! Don’t worry about time, do what you feel passionate about. When you enjoy doing something it does not feel like it takes very long. Good luck!

      February 11, 2011 at 9:23 pm

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