• Inner glow, outer glow

    When it comes to winter skin, balance is key. Exfoliating and moisturizing is important in maintaining the healthy glow throughout the winter months, but too much scrubbing can lead to even more skin woes. Drying out the skin can lead to an overproduction of oil, resulting in breakouts. It can also enhance the sensitivity brought on by low humidity, cold temperatures and even forced indoor heating. So what else can you do for radiant skin these winter months?

    Sunscreen. The biggest culprit in the winter months for skin damage is UV radiation. Not because the sun is hotter or brighter, but because we often forget to use sunscreen at this time of the year. Daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen is great for the office and especially important for hitting the slopes! Another tip for maintaining that glow is using a barrier protectant, which not only serves as a great primer, but also shields the skin against the elements by providing a silky layer that won’t evaporate in low humidity. Skin exposed to cold can end up looking rough and ruddy and the common cold can leave your nose red and chapped. Cover up the redness with green tinted treatment products that tackle the inflammation while covering up the red and leave that red nose to Rudolph.

    Complement your skin regimen with the added bonus of healthy foods that keep you looking beaming during the harshest of conditions. There’s nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa during the chilly season. This is the perfect time to take advantage of all the benefits cocoa can have. Avoid milky, sugary treats and opt for the antioxidant-rich dark cocoa. The flavonoids of dark cocoa absorb UV light and help increase blood flow to the skin, improving its appearance. Chapped lips are very common in winter, so munch on walnuts to prevent dry winter lips. Rich in Omega-3’s, these nuts can regulate cell turnover, leaving your lips moist and flake-free. You can also fake a tan the healthy way- veggies rich in carotenoids have been shown to give a healthy glow to skin. Stock up on bell peppers, oranges and carrots to give your skin the summer glow in winter, without the risks. The added bonus of looking like you’ve been on a cruise with veggie-glow is that they are also greatly beneficial for immune and reproductive functions and overall health!

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