• Sensitivity leaving you red in the face?

    Seasonal changes can bring about allergic flare-ups as well as increase your skin sensitivity. Since sensitized skin is a reflection of your environment, lifestyle and physiology, it can affect just about anyone. The changes in temperature, along with increasing pollution, pollen and even stronger UV rays, can all aggravate our skin. At this time, take notice of the changes in your environment and make some modifications to ensure they don’t get the best of you and your skin heath.
    Seasonal allergies are reported to affect at least 20% of the population. In fact, the combination of pollution and allergies may be the reason behind the increasingly rising number of people suffering during this season. Recent news reports have been downright ominous. A recent study has shown that children who grow up on farms were less likely to have asthma and other allergic sensitivities than children living in cities. Another study found that pollution can cause more heart attacks in a population than cocaine use!

    In this day and age, you want to shield yourself against the environmental aggressors that can wear you down, especially if living in metropolitan areas. Skin can not only become dehydrated and cracked, but it can also grow susceptible to harmful bacteria and allergens that make their way into your body. Not to mention, pollution has been linked to accelerated skin aging. While you want to treat inflammation and the accompanying redness, you may want to shield your skin with barrier-repairing ingredients as well as neutralize the appearance of redness on the skin.

    Some key ingredients to shield your skin:
    • Natural green minerals to counter redness commonly associated with sensitized skin conditions
    • Oat extracts for anti-irritant properties
    • Ginger as anti-inflammatory
    • Yeast extract to stimulate oxygenation of the skin and improve circulation
    • Anti-oxidants including vitamins and botanical polyphenols
    • Broad-spectrum sun protection

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