• Spring Clean… Inside and Out!

    As temperatures start to rise and we shed those layers of winter clothing, we are often led to a renewed commitment towards improving our health and wellbeing. Capitalize on this by sharing tips with your clients about how they can Spring Clean their skin and body – not just their closets! Create fact sheets for a clean diet & lifestyle, map their skin and adapt their seasonal skin care routine by offering “Spring into Your New Skin” treatments that feature deep cleansing or detoxifying body therapies. If you have clients who begin new fitness regimens and diets, encourage them to receive a renewing body or skin treatment instead of rewarding their good work with a naughty, red velvet cupcake!

    Here are some healthy tips for you to share with your clients:

    • Kick start the day and boost the immune system with freshly squeezed or juiced fruits and raw vegetables. Organic, green, leafy vegetables, carrots and berries are packed with nutrients and immediately recharge and energize the body to promote glowing skin.

    • Forgo that cup of joe and switch to antioxidant herbal teas like Rooibos, a red tea from South Africa that is packed with antioxidants.

    • Take up the morning ritual of dry body brushing before you shower. Doing so exfoliates, increases blood and lymph circulation and helps expel toxins through the sweat glands to internally clean the skin and body.

    • The stress, sleep and weight relationship are strongly connected. Massage a calming aromatherapy blend into the lower spine, across the shoulders and into the scalp as part of your night time habit to de-stress and gain better quality sleep.

    • Get back your glow and banish dull winter skin by incorporating daily exfoliation to your regimen if you haven’t already. After cleansing thoroughly, apply a resurfacing serum beneath your daily moisturizer with SPF.

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