• Dirty Skin?

    Annet KingTop on everyone’s skin needs list is our desire for clear, smooth, wrinkle and blemish free, healthy skin! That goes for clients, consumers and the tribe, yes even “us” Skin Therapists that are very much in the know! In fact our personal pursuits might have been what brought us to the skin industry in the first place! But the road to the healthiest, most luminous skin possible starts with a super clean, uncongested, debris free skin.

    But the fact is we are all pretty dirty. Why? It’s down to a few causes; for example ingredients found in makeup and sunscreen that we use daily and are designed to protect, adhere, last 24 hrs and need to be swim, tear, kiss and sweat proof! Add to that environmental pollution in the form of dust, chemicals and volcanic eruptions and you can see why clients complain of congestion and have an unhealthy addiction to their sonic face brush. To complicate matters, the skin itself is a major contributor; churning out about 1 million skin cells every 40 minutes, while depositing waxy, sebum onto the surface via the hair follicle and lest we forget the 100 ml of sweat we secrete per day – all the makings for some very dirty skin.

    Now consider this interesting fact, in an IDI study we found out that the average woman spends just 20 seconds washing her face! Men are even quicker and both generally cleanse once a day and only one time if and when they do clean their face. Healthy skin starts with a clean skin so literally teaching our clients LIVE with product, mirror, water etc to actually apply, stroke and double cleanse their skin needs to be top on our agenda.

    Introducing them to an oil-based pre-cleanser is also a smart move. Why oil? Oil removes oil, dissolves waxes and fats on contact and is also therefore ideal for oily skin. We too must pay due diligence to our own cleansing technique in the treatment room, a double cleanse ideally with steam is crucial to truly clean skin but sadly is often a step we merely skim over. Maybe it’s time to revisit; it is spring after all and a perfect time to come clean!

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