• It’s time to shine! Your survival depends on it.

    In my role as director of global education for IDI, I have the honor and privilege of being able to travel around the world teaching, sharing and meeting the IDI tribe. Whether I’m with undergraduate students, experienced skin therapists or business owners, there’s one common question that I’m frequently asked – “How can I be more successful?”

    In our profession, confidence in who you are, what you do and what you know is critical. Confidence is built from a full commitment to a rock solid education. You want to be certain that no skin anomaly will ever escape you, you can answer skin and product questions accurately and your techniques go beyond client expectations every time. That confidence has to shine through in how you communicate and present yourself to the world.

    Confidence and ongoing education is just one facet to guaranteeing greater success. But regretfully, in my 21 years in the industry I have witnessed too many stellar skin therapists struggling to build a clientele and pay the bills. Why? It comes down to this: we can only do so much to educate and motivate you in the classroom. You have to work to implement what you have learned and market your newly acquired knowledge and skills to existing and potential clients. Nothing sells a new treatment or a product like a motivated skin therapist that’s biting at the bit to finally get a result on those stubborn comedones.

    Marketing and selling yourself is without a doubt the number one stumbling block for many service providers. Everyone with skin needs to be your client and you have to proactively market yourself and your services all the time – at family gatherings, social events, networking opportunities, etc. Marketing yourself in-person also has to translate online to your website, Yelp, and Facebook where clients can share their own testimonials about what you did for their pre-wedding breakout.

    The need for intelligent self-promotion has never been more essential. The marketplace is now brutally competitive, and in order for you to thrive, you must go beyond your own technical expertise and begin selling. Today’s clients have access to professional products, tools, and an array of medispa services which deliver visible changes overnight. But the point of difference is YOU, the unique, authentic, professional, knowledgeable YOU. Now get out there and tell the world just how great YOU are!

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