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    Sometimes we fly for work and sometimes for pleasure. Whatever the reason, there’s no escaping the fact that the price of flying is not only on the purse strings but also on your skin and body. When in a plane, you can be sat (in a long metal tube) for hours and hours, literally having the moisture sucked out of your body. You know the symptoms: your eyes start to get itchy, red and puffy, and your skin feels dry and irritated.

    What Can You Do to Save Your Skin?
    Pre and post flight, give your skin some extra attention. If possible, visit a skin therapist for a thorough cleanse, an exfoliation treatment, a hydrating serum and a moisture rich masque. In addition to that, treat your skin at home with a hydrating booster each morning followed by a spritz of toner, sealed in with a moisturizer. At night, use a light microfoliation skin polish, followed by a vitamin concentrate, a vitamin eye cream, a super charged moisturizer and, very importantly, a lip complex, as the lips take a real bashing on a long flight. During the week prior to the flight remember to exfoliate, use a multivitamin masque for the face and neck, and apply a hydrating eye masque.

    If possible, during your flight follow these steps to keep skin hydrated and nourished, which you can repeat post flight:

    • Apply a hydrating spritz toner (alcohol and fragrance free), and/or a hydrating booster (key ingredient to look for is Hyaluronic Acid, it can hold 1,000 times its own weight in moisture).
    • Apply a lipid-based multivitamin complex. This concentrated dose of Vitamin A, C, and E will defend the skin against environmental stress.
    • If you are dry or have an impaired barrier function, spread a layer of therapeutic balm, which is designed to protect the skin from climate changes.
    • Layer on a silicone-based (anhydrous/water free) moisturizing gel, which will form a silky, protective barrier over the skin surface (including the eye area), helping to prevent moisture loss.
    • Apply a long lasting therapeutic balm or reparative lip treatment every few hours, especially after eating or drinking.
    • Look after your hands and your nails with a hydrating vitamin therapy hand cream. For the nails you can use some of the vitamin complex capsule you used for your face to protect the nails from splitting.

    What Else Can I do to Help My Skin?
    Before flying, be sure to drink lots of water or herbal tea (caffeine free) to hydrate, and only eat a light meal with easily digestible foods, fruit and vegetables.

    On a short flight you can get away with wearing make-up but on a long haul, your skin needs to be make-up free. The average moisture hydration level on a plane is only 10%, so it’s vital to keep your skin’s moisture levels as high as possible. Throughout your flight, freshen your skin and supplement the moisture with a fine mist of toner.

    If the skin looks tired after a flight, apply a moisturizer that contains optical illuminators. This will provide luminosity to the skin by reflecting, light thus diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

    While you’re away don’t give your skin care routine a holiday by omitting it, remember it won’t be long before you have to hop back on the plane and fly home and no one enjoys looking like a dried prune!

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      Love this and going to share with my friends who love travelling. Thank you, Emma.

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