• Back to School and a New Lesson on Healthy Skin!

    Annet KingAs any diligent mom or skin pro knows, teens and tweens can be a prime target for a myriad of “oh so lovely” infectious and contagious skin issues. However, attempt to educate on the danger of sharing their BFF’s Juicy Tube or the festering fungus associated with a week-old gym bag and you’ll be met with a cold, icy stare. But engage in some dialogue about banishing blackheads and having clear, pimple free skin, and they’ll perk up quicker than a Beagle with a brand new bone.

    So jump on the “Back to School” train and use this opportunity to host a fun, skin social event with “After School Skin Lessons” at your skin center or salon for the next few months.

    Here are some A+ tips to get you going:

    Stock Up: Ensure your retail area is well stocked on “teen appealing” but effective problem solving products that include starter kits. You want them to start afresh with quality grade products and keep up the good work at home. For events and lessons, create playlists of their favorite tunes (might not be yours!) and have Teen Skin Tips at the ready to hand out. Stock the fridge with skin friendly drinks and snacks and make sure your space is ready for action.

    Hand out postcard invites to every mom client so she can bring her teen, her credit card and her bff’s along. Tweet, pin, Instagram and post your event on all of your social media sites, and put up posters and display sheets around the space advertising the fun educational event. Don’t forget to have a hashtag for the night, such as #seemyclearskin, so your teens can take selfies and group shots as they learn at the skin bar. Run a competition for the most original pic posted and give away a complimentary clear skin express treatment and starter kit to the winner.

    Teach the Basics: Set up a skin bar and serve up a daily regimen: foaming, medicated cleanser; spritz toner; lunchbox handy purifying wipes; gentle scrub; an oil absorbing, pimple- treating masque and an oil-free moisturizer with SPF. Now guide them “hands on style” through the simple steps of cleansing, exfoliating, masque-ing, toning and moisturizing their skin. Provide plenty of warm wipes, headbands and mirrors, and show them how to dispense, apply and remove.

    Safe Picking – Teens are going to pick and we’re kidding ourselves if we think they will completely abandon this habit, so let’s teach them how to do it safely. However, ensure they understand the dangers of popping inflamed pustules and how it can lead to scarring. Guide them through the proper procedure of cleaning, prepping and warming the skin first. Teach them how to make finger mitts with tissue using the IDI method, and demonstrate the hygienic, pain free technique of stretching, creating a mound and rocking and rolling the impaction out using the sides of the fingers. Share post extraction tips like sterilizing the skin and using spot treatment products with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid.

    With hormones, homework and hotties on the brain they have enough to cope with, so let’s help alleviate the stress of breakouts and problem skin and grow our business in the process!!

  • Serums: Should You Believe The Hype?

    Heather HickmanGee-whiz, hasn’t skin care come a long way? Remember the days of “pamper” treatments? Remember when your “facials” consisted of steaming & creaming & lasted at least 1 ½ hours? Remember that pink uniform with the puffy sleeves (please tell me I wasn’t the only one that had one)? Oh, happy days.

    But those days are gone, long gone, because quite simply, your client’s aren’t buying it, your clients are skin savvy, your clients are time crunched & your clients want results! So the real question du jour, my friends, is… are you utilizing the products & procedures to provide them?

    Cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating & protecting the skin are just the fundamentals; knowing the power houses in your skin care arsenal is pivotal in ensuring client expectations are met, and nothing is more potent than a serum.

    Serums are super-concentrated, powerful yet lightweight fusions with either water or oil bases. They are often referred to as concentrates and contain a higher dosage of biologically active substances than their moisturizer (cream) counterparts. This means quicker, more effective penetration of actives to get, you guessed it, skin care results!

    Most professional serums are water based, and as such, their beneficial results can be accelerated by utilizing them with electrical modalities. Depending on the viscosity of your serums, they may be used in this manner alone or with the aid of a hydrating gel masque. At the International Dermal Institute, our two favorite methods of professional serum application are Iontophorisis with Galvanic Current, or Microcurrent for rapid product penetration. Combining your highly active ingredients with these modalities is an excellent way to get sure fire results on the skin, especially in a time compressed targeted treatment.

    In regards to client home care, there are serum formulas available to address a myriad of skin care concerns. As anti-aging skin products are the fastest growing sector of the skin care market, let’s start there, with one word: cocktails! Oh no sorry, not those type of cocktails, I’m talking ingredient cocktails. An effective product can’t ride on one ingredient, it’s all about synergies. You need ingredients to boost Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid, scavenge free radicals, repair the barrier function and increase skin luminosity. New advancements in ingredient technology now permit certain active peptides to be formulated into an oil base, allowing for the added benefit of essential oils.

    So, should you believe the hype? If you stay smart, know your actives, read the labels and consider the ingredient mix, then yes, believe away!

  • Exfoliating for Clear, Smooth Skin

    Annet KingIf you or your clients have oily skin, you’re no stranger to the excess oil and more frequent breakouts that skin sees in the summer months. If you have dry skin, you know that cells can build up quickly, creating congestion. You can help either condition by removing dead, dulling debris to aid hydration and prevent congestion by gently exfoliating daily. Perform this step in the morning prior to applying moisturizer, sunscreen and make up. Exfoliation, by the way, will help makeup last longer!

    Also, remember to exfoliate your body as you may be revealing more skin, and follow with a body cream to cap in moisture. Exfoliation has another great benefit – it helps remove possible precancerous cells before they become dangerous. But keep in mind that an exfoliated skin must be protected with sunscreen, as it is more vulnerable to assault!

  • How to Repair the Skin From Sun Damage

    Bettina ZammertSome people are surprised to find someone in Germany writing about the effects of the sun’s rays – after all, Germany is not necessarily a country that is automatically associated with super sunny summers. Yet we do have a surprising number of days on which the thermometer rises to 30°C (86°F) and higher, and we find ourselves longing for a refreshing rain shower. And people who want to be sure of seeing the sun in summer will often travel south to do so, but not many of them will use regular sun protection to protect themselves against the daily damage that is caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays.

    Without a doubt, the easiest signs of sun damage to treat are visible changes in the skin, such as dry, dull skin cells that result in irregular appearance, and blocked follicles caused by a UV-induced increase in cell division. Results are achieved with a good exfoliation that is matched to the condition of the skin. And we’re not only talking about mechanical exfoliation with granules. In particular, products containing hydroxy acids, such as Lactic Acid, create even results and provide much-needed moisture. And speaking of moisture: the skin is rarely as thirsty as it is after a long summer! Hydrating gel masks, moisturizing sprays and active concentrates are absolutely essential at this time.

    Hyperpigmentation is a different matter altogether, one in which you will always need the services of a professional skin therapist. Treatment of this condition, when the result of UV exposure, is more challenging because the skin experiences damage to the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis. Fortunately, we now have the means to influence our skin with ingredients such as peptides, which are a group of active substances that are particularly effective. Some peptides can stimulate collagen production, and others are able to reduce excess pigmentation to a more normal level. Combined with other ingredients that target aging, such as antioxidants, we have some strong helpers in the fight against skin aging.

    While technology provides us with the means to keep our skin healthy, safe and youthful, the absolute first step for healthy skin with no visible effects of photoaging is as always to wear suitable sun protection. And with such a large selection, we know for sure that we have the right sun protection for every skin type!