• Preventative Measures to Take for Aging Skin

    Bettina ZammertThere are many myths and legends surrounding magical potions and elixirs which, combined with mysterious rituals, promise eternal beauty and youth. The cosmetics industry also often benefits from these fairytales; even though we ought to know better, many of us still seek the ultimate rejuvenating product and are only too willing to believe even the strangest promises.
    So let’s start with the bad news. The fact that skin ages is a part of life; it’s something we simply cannot deny. The good news? There are things we can do about it, because over 90% of skin aging is caused by the environment! Lifestyle plays a major role in determining how our skin ages; fortunately, we can choose it for ourselves. Factors such as stress and smoking increase the number of so-called free radicals that attack our cell structures. This in turn leads to lines and wrinkles and accelerates the loss of elasticity in the skin.
    Prevention is the best anti-aging care there is, achieved on the inside with a balanced diet and on the outside by the appropriate skin care. Studies have shown that sufficient quantities of Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Phosphor and Iron can help the skin stay young for longer. Whereas meat, animal fats and sugar tend to accelerate skin aging.
    The best way to protect our skin on the outside is by applying suitable sun protection of at least SPF 15 – daily! Physical sunscreens are particularly suitable, because they help to optically cover up tiny lines and wrinkles.
    An antioxidant vitamin cocktail containing Vitamins A, C and E helps the skin to protect itself against free radicals. These vitamins are supported by antioxidants such as White Tea and Soy. And those who really want to do their skin a favor will complete this cocktail of care with peptides, the benefits of which include boosting collagen synthesis.
    What also helps in the fight against skin aging (and also happens to be very, very pleasant): treat yourself to your own relaxation rituals – and allow yourself the time to perform them regularly.

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