• Treatments for Aging Skin

    Sharon MaxwellAging is the natural process of life. When we reach 30 we start to lose 1% of collagen per year, and after menopause this rises to 2.5%! Everything slows down, we get sagging and bagging, sensitivity, and there is a real battle against dryness. Our skins have become tired. We cannot stop aging (unless we die – a bit drastic!), so as skin therapists our goal is to prevent premature aging (aging before our time). With regular treatments and good products and ingredients, the results can be dramatic.

    Exfoliation (including Retinol, enzymes, Lactic Acid and Salicylic Acid) is important to remove the dull, dead cells that have been lying around on the surface of the skin. This will, in turn, stimulate cell renewal, hydrating and brightening the skin. It also provides a clean canvas on which to layer wonderful active ingredients.

    We then need to apply water attracting humectants, skin softening emollients, lipid barrier reinforcements and collagen stimulating peptides, as well as infuse the skin with a super concentrated dose of nourishing and conditioning agents. Layering of product is key.

    For daily care we would recommend a concentrated oil-based serum containing peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to firm, tighten and hydrate the skin. Don’t forget to include the neck and décolleté area. I am a hill walking fanatic and I notice how many times the back of the neck is neglected, and becomes weathered, a real telltale sign of a person’s age.

    It is not how old we are that matters, it is how we are old!

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