• Treating Sensitized Eyes

    Sharon MaxwellThey say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Why does the eye reveal so much? The eye is directly connected to the brain via the optic nerve, and it will tell the condition of the nervous system and the brain. When the nervous system or brain have been injured, the eye changes, loses clarity and alertness, and it even loses its ability to see.

    The skin around the eyes tells a story of how we have lived our life. Too much sun, smoking and stress will leave telltale signs such as sagging, bagging and wrinkles. The skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than on the face, and it is therefore more delicate and susceptible to damage. Avoid tugging the delicate tissue, be gentle, and wear something as simple as sunscreen and sunglasses to protect the area. There are fewer sebaceous glands around the eyes than the rest of the face, so to combat dehydration, it is important to use an ultra-rich cream of replenishing phytonutrients, antioxidant vitamins and soothing botanicals to help diminish those fine dry lines.

    Eyes really carry the strain of everyday living, beginning their work as soon as we are awake, and only relaxing when we are asleep. The orbicularis oculi muscle surrounding the eye is responsible for narrowing the eye to frown and squint and closing the eye to wink. It is a very overworked muscle and the one that is underlying ‘crow’s feet, the lines that appear on the outside corner of the eye.

    Eye Relaxation Technique
    Try massaging the eye area with a simple movement that leaves the eyes feeling lighter and brighter. This brings such a welcome relief to tired, sensitive eyes! Working both eyes, grasp the eyebrow between your thumb and middle finger, moving in the direction of the inner eye to the outer eye area. Then work under the eye, outside to inside with small circular movements using your middle finger. Apply pressure to finish on the sinus point under inside brow line (bladder 2 pressure point). Your clients’ tired, sensitized eyes will soon brighten!

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