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    Over the years I have met many inspiring women that have connected me to professional information and helped me grow personally, allowing me to expand and strengthen my web around the globe. On March 8 we celebrated International Women’s Day, and to honor the women in my life, I would like to share some stories and lessons learned.

    While speaking at a conference in eastern Canada I was privileged to see an amazing presenter, Ildi, a woman who owns her own training and human resource company. Her charisma and presence captivated the audience of 250 people and gave me information about myself and other women on my team that I have benefitted from to this day. Since then, we have had her as a guest speaker at our Toronto training center and our company has sponsored a conference she organized, Women in Leadership and Business . She developed this conference because she “wanted to come up with the right forum, which I believe is a combination of practical tools, knowledge and strategies that is enhanced by the chance to network and make connections with other business women.” Through one chance meeting, we both have benefitted from cross-promoting our businesses and I have learned many skills.

    Our sales manager Reagan was looking for groups to help her stay motivated and inspired and found that common groups weren’t a good fit, so she started her own. She wanted to create an atmosphere where “women felt welcome to attend, could further their own education through a specific topic and could network in a genuine environment.” She didn’t like the concept of giving a business card to someone before having a conversation with them. Pink Tank instills an environment where women can get to know each other and creates a community of success. The best advice she has ever received from a woman: “A challenge is simply an opportunity.”

    While at a cottage for Family Day, Julie, a vivacious women who owns her own landscape design business, made the comment “I will do anything to support women in business. If a friend or someone I know starts a company, I will take part in that business – from hosting a jewelry party to supporting events they are throwing.” She belongs to her local Chamber of Commerce as well as a women’s group of her region. The best advice she’s received from a woman is “Be your own true, authentic self” and “if it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now!”

    These are just three examples of how connecting with other women can positively influence our lives. Whether you become involved in your local Chamber of Commerce, fitness groups, Toastmasters or skin care classes at The International Dermal Institute, some additional benefits to you would be:

    • Expanding your network and partnering with other women to gain new leads
    • Inspiring others (as well as being inspired) to achieve desired goals and aspirations
    • Bartering with people who are strong where you are weak, such as an accountant to help with financials or a marketing guru to help bring your
    business from good to great
    • Learning skills from other women or finding out about the latest technology
    • Out-of-the-box thinking and translating advice from different industries to our own
    • Engaging in the lives of others for the better
    • Giving back

    The inner strength of a woman is phenomenal. Women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the world’s food and invest 90% of their incomes back into their families. It has been shown that when women in a community are successful, the community thrives. Successful women are amazing role models creating a positive trend – the offspring will be successful. Women in our lives offer words of wisdom and often lead by example.

    Whether you “like” an inspiring woman’s Facebook page, follow motivational women on Twitter or invest in a woman entrepreneur through FITE, reaching out and giving back will keep you motivated, expand your network and increase the amount of support you give and receive.

    The skin care industry is an amazing sector to be involved in as clients are paying us on a daily basis to touch them. From doing a simple manicure to giving an elaborate skin treatment, people benefit from this touch in so many ways. This literal feeling that our clients experience needs to be taken to a figurative level to help us weave a web of connectivity in our lives.

    Appreciate and honor the women in your life now. Life is too short. Spider webs have the strength of steel, but with more elasticity. Never be afraid to weave a world wide web because the more women we connect to, the more resilient and strong our communities will be.

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