• Spring Skin Events

    I love events! Attending them, hosting them, planning them – there’s such excitement in the gathering of like-minded people with so much to share. And even better if the event offers additional benefits like learning a new skill and supporting a good cause!

    So what are you waiting for? Capitalize on the energizing spirit of spring and the most effective marketing tool you have available, and organize a Spring Skin event for your skin center. Not dissimilar to holding a party in your own home, there are a few key rules that will help your event to be a storming success.

    Rule One: Make sure your event is one that people want to attend! It needs to be fun, engaging and teach them something new. Spring is the perfect time to talk cleansing and exfoliation – slough off the old and bring in the new!

    Rule Two: Hold an event that is applicable to a specific audience and invite a small group of 20, specially selected guests rather than try and be all things to all people. Build on client loyalty by inviting customers from your existing database, and then encourage the growth of new business by offering that they bring a guest. So if it’s a Spring Skin teen event, for example, make sure the food is fun, dress is a little more casual and there is a ton of interaction.

    Rule Three: Make sure there is great conversation by preparing your staff with conversation starters and methods to introduce guests to each other. You know the sort of thing, “Have you ever had a skin treatment before?” “What cleanser do you currently use?” “What experience do you have with exfoliation?”

    Rule Four: Wow guests with your expertise by giving free services such as skin analysis, hand treatments and mini skin services, and make sure you couple them all with a plethora of educational tips, from the importance of double cleansing to how to choose the right exfoliant.

    Rule Five: Offer a special promo that night to show your guests appreciation. Perhaps bundle a few services and produce a whole new Spring Skin special at a one-off price. Or offer a free mini skin treatment with every purchase of X amount of product.

    Rule Six: Tie your event to a philanthropic cause that will show your guests that you are giving back.

    Rule Seven: Send everyone home with a gift, a hug and an invite to come back soon.

    Eventing is the single most fantastic marketing tool that you have to retain existing business, grow new business, increase sales and increase services. Do it in house, take it out to community groups or partner with other businesses to create a local buzz. Just do it – you will not regret it I promise!

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