• Building a Foundation for Healthy Skin

    Have you ever ruined a diet with a night on the town? Maybe it wasn’t just a little indulgence, but a full blown episode with dinner, dessert and cocktails. If this sounds familiar then you understand what ‘undoing your hard work’ really means. Although food is more tempting than cosmetics (unless you’re a product junkie!), choosing the wrong cosmetics can undo all your skin care efforts – and that can be a pricey routine. Color cosmetics are formulated to cover up imperfections and enhance the appearance with just about all the colors of the rainbow. Unfortunately, many of these formulations have synthetic fragrance, colorants and ingredients that can be comedogenic or even irritating. The important thing is to maintain a healthy barrier so these ingredients don’t penetrate skin and produce adverse effects.

    Luckily, you can also provide an extra barrier of hydration that includes mineral colorants, which can prep your skin for additional cosmetics like blush, eye shadow, lipstick, etc. This is where makeup and skin care meet – a formulation that serves as a foundation for makeup but that falls in line with your skin health treatment products. Typically, these are known as foundations, tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and whatever new terms may crop up. The point is that choosing the right base for makeup should be as important as the other products in your skin care routine.

    Many foundations are formulated with the single goal of hiding your imperfections. Unfortunately, they do not treat skin concerns like oiliness or dehydration, and they often leave skin parched, with a cakey look after a few hours. Some minerals may even absorb water from your skin, leaving you drier than if you didn’t use the product. Because you spend your hard-earned money on your skin care products, you should also expect a foundation or base to put up a good fight and enhance, not just hide, your appearance. The key for long-lasting makeup and a smooth appearance is hydration. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Polysaccharides, Urea and even Lactic Acid are humectants that impart their hydrating effects onto skin upon application, and often for some time after.

    Maintaining skin hydration not only prevents microcracks from forming on skin, which can lead to product penetration and irritation, but it also keeps the formula from drying up on the skin – as some foundations end up enhancing fine lines and wrinkles instead of concealing them. The extra bit of moisture also helps makeup slide on more smoothly and evenly. But hydrated does not mean oily – so avoid excessively oily formulations that can clog pores and slide right off on a warm summer day. Finally, you want to protect skin from future damage. This not only means looking for broad-spectrum sun protection against UVA and UVB rays, but also for ingredients like extracts of Hydrolyzed Pearl, Walnut, and Olive, which can protect skin against free radical formation and glycation. So considering that even cosmetic products can impart skin health effects, a night on the town should leave you guilt-free – even if you go for that slice of chocolate pie!

  • Skinsight 2012

    On Sunday 17th June 2012 The International Dermal Institute (IDI) in London hosted an educational congress, entitled SKINSIGHT 2012! The event featured Dr. Diana Howard, Vice President of Research and Development for IDI and Dermalogica, and me, Sally Penford, Education Manager for both The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica in the UK.

    Held at IDI’s beautiful countryside headquarters in Surrey, SKINSIGHT comprised a full day of presentations from skin experts, a BBQ lunch and a chance to network with other industry professionals.

    Keynote speaker Dr. Diana Howard blew the audience away with her knowledge of ingredient technology with a special emphasis on ingredient myths versus facts. I spoke about consumer trends, including the science behind female spending, the influence your company culture has upon success and the importance of human touch.

    Rotating workshops then covered skin topics such as eczema, medical aesthetics and the effect that hormones have upon your skin. Almost 100 skin therapists and business owners attend the unique event, all taking full advantage of the education resources available and the beautiful grounds surrounding the facility – and the sun shone down for our incredible BBQ lunch!

    The event concluded with the presentation of certificates and goody bags and a much anticipated prize draw to win a specially engraved iPad.

    Here’s what some of the attendees had to say:

    “Don’t want to miss anything you have to teach me!”
    -Andrea Bull

    “Fantastic, as always”
    -Ian Liston

    “I would have been mad not to want to listen to Dr. Diana Howard”
    -Penny McLauchlan

    “Feel very confident to face client’s questions”
    -Sirisha Reddy Vasametti

    “Informative and inspiring… absolutely fab – as always”
    -Kylee Tyrell

    “Very organised and all the staff were very helpful”
    -Lisa Read

    The next complimentary event will be a Guest Speaker seminar on the evening of 15th October, at which Rachael Fairweather and Meghan Mari of Jing Advanced Massage will discuss the topic of Myofascial Release. We hope to see you there!

  • Right on, fight on for Mandela Day with joinFITE

    Nelson Mandela says that poverty is not an accident—it is the result of human actions, and it can be, and must be, corrected by human actions.

    He has dedicated his life to this belief, and to direct actions which support the belief. It’s incredible to think that this iconic, Nobel Peace Prize-winning crusader for worldwide justice, equality and democracy was arrested for treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. He was incarcerated for 26 years, and released in 1990.

    The most significant number: Mandela has devoted 67 years to fighting the good fight. And we’re encouraging you to do the same on July 18, by helping us extend microloans to 670 women, around the world. These microloans will enable the women to start or expand businesses which will bring economic empowerment to themselves, their families, and their communities. And, participating in this way on July 18 will not cost you one cent.

    It’s how our global women’s initiative, joinFITE, is honoring Mandela Day. Please visit to get the full story. The loan will be funded by Dermalogica – you engage in the process online by seeing the profiles of qualified candidates for the loans, identifying a woman and a business venture that especially resonates for you, and “directing” the loan. There is no cost to individuals—we’re only asking you to participate by choosing who gets a loan on July 18.

    Since we founded joinFITE in 2011, we’ve funded literally thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, all of them women. No one epitomizes the “good fight” more than Nelson Mandela, and joining in has never been simpler, or more powerful. Thank you for taking part in being a changemaker.

    View Jane’s message here and be a changemaker by directing a trial loan at

  • The Power of Being Well-Informed

    Our Global Education team love to hear questions and concerns from professional skin therapists because it thrills us that others share our passion for skin health. This passing down of knowledge is what leads to credibility in your craft, not to mention your success.

    In other words, learning should never stop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re newly out of school or you’re a seasoned skin therapist, the channels for education should always remain open and continue to flow. The key is to stay informed.

    Earlier this year we launched the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter, which was developed specifically for skin therapists to hear about the latest research and breakthroughs. The information included is not just from IDI, but from our partners in the industry and other major media outlets as well.

    Every day we sift through the information available and find reads that we feel are valuable and relevant to practicing skin therapists. So it’s only fair that we make these discoveries available to you!

    And we do the work for you, gathering the best bits on the hottest ingredients, breakthroughs, ideas and business tips for both the established and start-up skin center. We even cover controversial topics and debunk any misconceptions that may be floating around in the industry, and our IDI skin experts will gladly share their stance!

    The IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter is also ideal for skin therapists with busy schedules, families or limited access to read through trade publications, websites and blogs – the best parts are neatly packaged and delivered directly to your inbox every 6 weeks.

    Don’t shy away from learning something new – subscribe to the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter now!