• Right on, fight on for Mandela Day with joinFITE

    Nelson Mandela says that poverty is not an accident—it is the result of human actions, and it can be, and must be, corrected by human actions.

    He has dedicated his life to this belief, and to direct actions which support the belief. It’s incredible to think that this iconic, Nobel Peace Prize-winning crusader for worldwide justice, equality and democracy was arrested for treason and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964. He was incarcerated for 26 years, and released in 1990.

    The most significant number: Mandela has devoted 67 years to fighting the good fight. And we’re encouraging you to do the same on July 18, by helping us extend microloans to 670 women, around the world. These microloans will enable the women to start or expand businesses which will bring economic empowerment to themselves, their families, and their communities. And, participating in this way on July 18 will not cost you one cent.

    It’s how our global women’s initiative, joinFITE, is honoring Mandela Day. Please visit to get the full story. The loan will be funded by Dermalogica – you engage in the process online by seeing the profiles of qualified candidates for the loans, identifying a woman and a business venture that especially resonates for you, and “directing” the loan. There is no cost to individuals—we’re only asking you to participate by choosing who gets a loan on July 18.

    Since we founded joinFITE in 2011, we’ve funded literally thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, all of them women. No one epitomizes the “good fight” more than Nelson Mandela, and joining in has never been simpler, or more powerful. Thank you for taking part in being a changemaker.

    View Jane’s message here and be a changemaker by directing a trial loan at

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