• The Power of Being Well-Informed

    Our Global Education team love to hear questions and concerns from professional skin therapists because it thrills us that others share our passion for skin health. This passing down of knowledge is what leads to credibility in your craft, not to mention your success.

    In other words, learning should never stop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re newly out of school or you’re a seasoned skin therapist, the channels for education should always remain open and continue to flow. The key is to stay informed.

    Earlier this year we launched the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter, which was developed specifically for skin therapists to hear about the latest research and breakthroughs. The information included is not just from IDI, but from our partners in the industry and other major media outlets as well.

    Every day we sift through the information available and find reads that we feel are valuable and relevant to practicing skin therapists. So it’s only fair that we make these discoveries available to you!

    And we do the work for you, gathering the best bits on the hottest ingredients, breakthroughs, ideas and business tips for both the established and start-up skin center. We even cover controversial topics and debunk any misconceptions that may be floating around in the industry, and our IDI skin experts will gladly share their stance!

    The IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter is also ideal for skin therapists with busy schedules, families or limited access to read through trade publications, websites and blogs – the best parts are neatly packaged and delivered directly to your inbox every 6 weeks.

    Don’t shy away from learning something new – subscribe to the IDI SkinBytes e-newsletter now!

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