• IDI Greets its First Service Dog in Class

    Maybe it’s the fact that I am a hopeless dog lover and my radar is forever up when it comes to sniffing out my canine friends, but I couldn’t help but notice the presence of a dog on the Los Angeles campus the other morning. Within minutes I introduced myself to a handsome, Pomeranian-Keeshound dog named Peter Wolf. At the end of his leash was his owner, Randy Alonzo. My new canine friend, Peter Wolf, was appropriately attired in a bright blue vest that indicated he was a service dog and was a student, alongside Randy, in the International Skin Care Techniques class. I do believe this is the first service dog we have enrolled in class in the 29 years that The International Dermal Institute has been around.

    During lunch I had a chance to talk with Randy and Peter. Turns out Randy was the recipient of the IDI Legacy Scholarship that IDI awards every semester. His winning entry was a beautiful mosaic showing the layers of the skin using beans! Not surprising, Randy is an artist by training (he does painting and sculpture) and a master make up artist; he recently got his Cosmetology license and is now focusing on skin care.

    Randy told me he fell in love with Dermalogica at Santa Barbara City College. He said he loves every aspect of skin care. To Randy, creating healthy skin brings out the natural beauty of a person. But it’s the ability to give of yourself while doing a treatment on others that excites him the most. He sees being a skincare therapist as an opportunity to give back – to have a positive impact on others, helping to change the world, one client at a time.

    No doubt Randy will be a great, and most importantly, a very caring skin care therapist. For the past 6 years he and Peter Wolf have taken care of each other; the dedication and devotion between these two BFFs is a delight to see. From The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica…..Good luck as a future skin care therapist Randy! We hope to see you and Peter in class again soon.

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