• Prepared for the Holidays?!

    The busy, holiday season will soon have you scurrying around, more than a little preoccupied, as party prep services shift up a gear. With greater footfall in the skin center it makes sense to also focus on retail promotion and merchandising to maximize revenues.

    November and December are critical business months. Without a strong marketing and retail strategy for the holiday period, you risk not competing effectively with other businesses that are making the most of increased buying.

    Many of your suppliers will already have planned for you, with a selection of special offers and ideas to make your retail space pop with exciting displays and festive branding. If you had not considered how to maximize this time of year, pay attention and get cracking. You may not be too late to order limited edition sets or gift wrapping tools.

    As weary shoppers become desperate for interesting and meaningful gifts, use the opportunity to promote what you sell. It’s not all about the pre-boxed set, you know! Something bespoke, something unique, something no one else thought of… now that’s a gift worth giving and worth getting!

    With a little creative thought you could put together mini home treatment kits that fit a range of budgets, or offer to package up a personalized home care regimen. A neat box or travel bag loaded with product and a few useful or thoughtful extras like exfoliating gloves, facial sponges, aromatherapy candle or other essentials could make the perfect gift. Why not try having a selection of extras that the customer can choose from to make each gift completely personalized.

    Every business should keep a stash of little “wish lists” to give to clients. Not all clients can afford to take every product we recommend, but at this time of year it may be that someone else could purchase that desired product for them. A wish list usually takes the form of a card that has your logos and contact details on the one side and space on the other side to write in the products they are wishing for. This can be handed to their loved one who then knows exactly what they would really love under the tree and exactly where to get it. If you offer a delivery or drive-by and collect service, make sure this is mentioned on the card. I know many a man looking for the simple solution to the gift dilemma!

    And be sure not to ignore your gift certificates. Whether for specific services or monetary value to be used on services and product purchases, many customers love the flexibility of this type of present. Vouchers will bring in valuable new clients for you in the early part of the New Year.
    Want an extra boost in sales? Why not hold a fun and engaging event? Customers can come along with friends and family (the more the merrier, of course) to something festive that educates about skin and showcases your fantastic gift offers.

    Get into to the spirit of giving and provide your customers everything they need for a wonderful, thoughtful and stress-free, festive season!

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