• IDI Congress: Hormones and the Skin

    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting some of our European markets to present lectures on how hormones affect our skin, how they age our skin and what some of the latest anti-aging treatment options are available to the professional skin therapist.

    First, I was off to Poland, where they celebrated their 5th year anniversary with Dermalogica. They even had their first snow while I was there! Certainly a change of pace from the 75 and sunny weather of Southern California. Their training facility is neatly tucked in the outskirts of Warsaw, where they even provide accommodation to students wishing to stay overnight without spending much on neighboring hotels. Definitely worth a visit. The PSTs here are well educated, using much of the advanced techonology (laser, LED, chemical exfoliation) that we use here in the U.S.

    Next I hopped over to Russia. What a treat! I presented the IDI congress on hormones and skin in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. I had a day to explore the beautiful city of St.Pete and had the opportunity to meet many skin therapists. They’re a sophisticated bunch, eager for getting the latest and greatest skin info. Some even flew in from Kazakhstan for the lecture and we had a good chat on how to have a holistic approach to skin care. I can see great things coming out of that country. Imagine that just a few decades ago, it was nearly impossible to have your own business as a woman in soviet countries – and now I see many empowered women owning their businesses and importing goods from all over the world. Big strides there.

    Finally I traveled to the Netherlands and Belgium to wrap up my tour. There, I presented the IDI congress: Through the Ages, which focused more on hormonal aging and available solutions. We also launched the new concept space in Antwerp to the local press – we had almost 60 journalists from a few different towns! If you’re traveling near Antwerp, Belgium, definitely check out this space – it’s in a great location and of course they do great skin treatments! The PSTs in Benelux are simply wonderful. They really put health above all else and strive to make themselves more successful by continuing their education however they can.

    It has been really rewarding to see so many diverse members of the “tribe” that share a common passion for skin health. We had such a wonderful congress in all of these markets and I hope to return soon to continue to help IDI provide the best education a skin therapist could ask for. Thanks to everyone involved!

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