• Gym Membership, Skin Membership

    Congratulations – you’ve almost made it through the first month of the new year! While many have enrolled in new gym classes and started the latest juice trends, some are left feeling more razed than fresh at this new and exciting time of year. New Year’s resolutions are all about shifting into your best self, but many fail to realize that most resolutions won’t be kept up past mid-January!

    While some of the top resolutions are about losing weight or getting organized, some are about achieving better skin. But staying committed to your fitness or health goals will also benefit your skin, so you can actually combine resolutions!

    Read on to find out what exercise can do for your skin and your body:

    1. Improve Your Mood and Your Skin: It’s a fact – regular exercise can boost certain fatigue-fighting brain chemicals such as norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals can help pep up your mood, and they can also boost your attitude about your skin! You may find that once you start exercising, you’re no longer too tired to remove your makeup before you go to bed, or you’re not so concise about the pimple or wrinkles that decided to show up when you weren’t looking. Overall, healthy skin is a great confidence builder!

    2. Get Natural Pain Relief: Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever, which can make you less vulnerable to tiny tears in muscles and tendons. This pain reliever might come in handy during extractions if you experience breakouts. Also, when you’re working hard and breaking a good sweat, that very sweat helps the body to naturally detox, resulting in clearer, glowing skin.

    3. Flaunt Your Inner Diva: Working out is the way to a better body image. Regardless of how much you work out, or what you do, it will make you feel positive about wearing that bikini. The same can be said for your skin – having a great home care regimen with professional skin treatments could be a reason to finally try that red lipstick you’ve been eyeing!

    4. Shrink Unwanted Fat: Stress can cause weight gain and lead to inflammation, which can contribute to the signs of aging, breakouts and other skin issues. More studies are linking stress to adverse effects on the skin, so try yoga or a skin care night at home with a hydrating masque to de-stress.

    5. Sleep Away the Signs of Aging: A study found in Sleep Journal observed that aerobic activity is an effective approach to improving sleep quality, mood and quality of life in older adults with chronic insomnia [1]. This quality of sleep can also affect your skin. Scientists believe that skin repairs itself at night, as cell renewal is enhanced in the evening [2]. Some products can even go as far as working with our bodies’ biological activity circadian (24-hour) rhythms to also nourish and condition the skin at the same time as you sleep!

    So while maintaining fitness goals is ideal for bodily health, it is equally important to recommend a skin care regimen that achieves results. E.J. Masicampo, an assistant psychology professor at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. who studies goal planning, states, “Goals can be extremely effective, depending on how people set and approach them…They can inspire you and help you keep the bigger picture in mind.”

    What’s the big picture here? Skin and the internal body go hand in hand!

    1. Sleep Medicine Vol. 11, Issue 9, Pages 934-940
    2. Prevention July 2006; Beauty Sleep by Janet Kinosian

  • Time to Make a Change?

    Have you ever visited a hotel and thought to yourself, “hmmm, this place is looking a bit dated, it needs a mini face lift”? These kinds of details are easy to see when it’s someone else’s business, but it may not be so easy when it’s our own. Just as hotels date quite quickly, so do skin treatment centers. Since your brand image is sacred to you and your customers, it needs to be kept fresh and on trend!

    Consider these points:

    • Your image is the magnet to attract new clients. A strong, clear-branded image translates to powerful marketing.

    • Your reception area offers clients the opportunity, experience and ease of buying from you. Are you capitalizing on this?

    • Your image should say “we are progressive, we move forward with our customers ever-evolving needs” not “same old, same old.”

    • A treatment center revamp shows your customers that you care about your business and you care about them too.

    You don’t have to break the bank with a revamp – some simple but effective changes can make all the difference. Try these enhancements:

    A new coat of paint- consider changing the color of your space, perhaps even slightly. Neutrals work well in the relaxing treatment room environment. I recommend you avoid the color pink – women seem to be over the use of pink in representing something as “feminine”.

    Buy new towels or headbands, maybe in a new color. Nothing feels nicer than fresh, clean laundry.

    Move your posters and art work around. Clients get bored staring at the same images in both your treatment and reception space.

    Get new merchandising pieces such as acrylic frames, boxes, cubs etc. to spice things up a bit.

    Consider moving your “hot spots” around to again make the familiar unfamiliar.

    Invest in dimmer switches if you haven’t already. Mood lighting makes a HUGE difference to the overall ambiance.

    Move shelves around and look at re-merchandising all your stock.

    Less is definitely more. If your space is starting to get cluttered with too many pieces of furniture, plants, ornaments, dried flowers, magazines, etc., have a cleansing session.

    Peruse online decorating sites or buy some home styling magazines for inspiration.

    The hard bit is getting started, so as Nike says, “Just Do It!” Once done you’ll feel and look amazing. Good luck!

  • New Year, New Goals

    Annet KingAs a New Year comes around, the vast majority of us start making resolutions, plans and promises about what we are going to do differently. Whether it’s eating more kale, breaking a sweat daily, or finally kicking that nasty habit (or person) to the curb, we all set out with the best intentions. Maybe it’s getting more financially organized, having a solid marketing plan, or learning a new skill or technique. But the truth is that even though the New Year seems like the best place to start, if you are like millions of others, procrastination will get in the way. The holiday lights are still warm and the “Excusitis” has set in.

    There is always an excuse – why you can’t do it, why today it didn’t happen, how you’re going to do it tomorrow. Procrastination involves the act of replacing high-priority actions with lower priority tasks, like cleaning your treatment room one more time versus introducing yourself to waiting hair clients. Procrastination is bad for you; it results in stress, a sense of guilt, loss of productivity, as well as social disapproval. But every one needs a little motivation and some tools to help them reach their goals!

    Here are some tips to keep you on track in 2013:

    • Modify your goal as new circumstances warrant a change in direction or pace.
    • Monitor your progress daily to keep yourself on target.
    • Start with the small bites – procrastination occurs when the task is too big. Start walking every day, then begin jogging before running that 10k.
    • Schedule time to work on your goals in an undistracted space.
    • Look forward to the success and visualize yourself after completion. Getting started is good, but completion is the outcome you need.
    • Join with others who are working hard toward their goals; it’s energizing and motivating. This is why many students come to class!

    Find your motivational switch. Everyone has a way to switch on their own motivation mode. Is it reward, recognition or penalty? With all goal setting it takes decision, discipline and determination, but reaching your goals boosts self esteem, gives you a sense of fulfilment, and it can actually increase endorphins, making you more personable, creative, positive and confident. So eat that kale. Put on the running shoes. Book that class and see your success clearly on the horizon!