• Leading the Industry for 30 years

    The International Dermal Institute is privileged to announce that 2013 marks the 30-year anniversary of leading the professional skin care industry with our innovative and rewarding postgraduate skin care education. Over the past three decades, we have pushed the skin care industry envelope to its limits, literally redefining professional excellence and offering skin therapists a unique opportunity to reach their personal best in the process. We do it by offering the most challenging and rewarding postgraduate skin and body therapy curriculum available anywhere in the world today.

    Our award-winning education goes far beyond technical training and access to expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our mission has always been to bring respect and success to the professional skin therapist. And although our innovative products developed as the Dermalogica® line are the primary tool, it is our excellent education that ensures success for the professional skin therapist. This charge to be the best in postgraduate skin care is led by Jane Wurwand, a professional skin therapist. Since founding IDI in 1983, she has continually carried an urgent message to skin therapists: education is the key to improving every aspect of your business, from understanding galvanic current to creating a seamless booking system!

    As we celebrate our milestone 30th anniversary, we hope you will join us as part of a uniquely rewarding profession that thrives on human touch and communication, and we encourage you to utilize education to craft your own future with your hearts, minds and hands. To our students who have been with us as the years have passed, we thank you for staying by our side and being such a vital part of our growth. To new students, we welcome you and thank you for turning to IDI as your resource for skin therapy education.

    We look forward to spending the next 30 years with you and we thank you for allowing us to be such an important part of your success!

  • Get Connected – Jane Wurwand Live!

    We are pleased to bring you our first ever live webcast on Facebook, featuring Jane Wurwand, the unique Founder and Chief Visionary of The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica.

    By building the skin therapy industry’s leading brand in both product and education, Jane understands what it takes to create a mega-successful company through the power of connection, both human and technological. Jane also founded Dermalogica’s joinFITE, a women’s microlending initiative, and through millions of clicks, likes, follows, posts and retweets, joinFITE quickly exceeded the program’s original goals of extending microloans to 25,000 enterprising women worldwide, in under two years.

    At this live, exclusive webcast, Jane will examine the science and sentiment behind touch, illuminating the ways in which it can affect our consciousness to help us build relationships and create success. She will also contemplate the effects that human connection has on surpassing the boundaries of culture, language and circumstance.

    The live event will air Monday, February 25 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST on the wall of The International Dermal Institute’s Facebook page. To RSVP and obtain further details, please visit:

  • Professional Edge

    Top trade magazines continue to vote Dermalogica as their favorite professional skin care system! Dermalogica is researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute.

    Dermalogica was also selected by American Spa readers as a Finalist in the following categories: Favorite Acne Line, Favorite Anti-Aging Line, Favorite Company for Product Education, Favorite Men’s Line and Favorite Sensitive

    Beauty Launchpad

    • Best Make-up Remover: PreCleanse
    • Best Cleanser: Special Cleansing Gel
    • Best Acne Care: Clearing Mattifier
    • Best Anti-Aging: AGE Smart®
    • Best Sun Protection: Solar Defense Booster SPF50
    • Best Toner: Multi-Active Toner
    • Best Men’s Skincare: Clean Bar
  • Eyedeas for Eyes!

    Bettina ZammertNo other part of the face is as expressive or reveals our moods and feelings as much as the eye area. The area is an eye-catcher in the truest sense of the word – but unfortunately it’s also the part of the face that shows the first signs of skin aging. The first fine lines start to appear when we are in our early to mid-20s, and it’s followed by changes in pigmentation and a reduction in the skin’s firmness. And regardless of our age, a glance in the mirror can often reveal puffiness and shadows around the eyes – which is guaranteed to spoil the mood!

    Our clients also have their concerns regarding the youthfulness and radiance of their eye area. Needless to say, an individual consultation also includes the recommendation of suitable eye care products. Which is most suitable is determined by the condition of the skin and your clients’ preferences. You must also find out whether your clients are already using an eye care product, and whether it contains a protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

    You must also ask clients about their lifestyles and daily habits. Do they wear sunglasses with adequately large frames to protect the tissue around the eyes from harmful UV rays? Are the frames efficient enough to prevent squinting, which can lead to expression lines?

    You can achieve amazing results around the eye area if you use a chemical exfoliant during the skin treatment. But be careful – do not use mechanical exfoliants with granules, as they could enter your clients’ eyes and cause a severe mechanical irritation on the sensitive area. It is better to use a gentle acid exfoliant, applied in a semi-circle around the outer corner of the eye. Take great care not to get too close to the lash line, and only work on the areas under the eye and by the outer corner of the eye – the inner corner of the eye is a no-go area! Finish this with a gentle drainage massage using a concentrate of active substances followed by a cooling gel mask for a real WOW effect when your client looks in the mirror.

    Incidentally: A chemical exfoliation, light massage and mask can also leave the lip area looking much fresher and fuller. Please take care to avoid the oral fissure – and make sure your client doesn’t inadvertently “sample” the products.

    Wishing you every success, and with best wishes from Germany!