• Leading the Industry for 30 years

    The International Dermal Institute is privileged to announce that 2013 marks the 30-year anniversary of leading the professional skin care industry with our innovative and rewarding postgraduate skin care education. Over the past three decades, we have pushed the skin care industry envelope to its limits, literally redefining professional excellence and offering skin therapists a unique opportunity to reach their personal best in the process. We do it by offering the most challenging and rewarding postgraduate skin and body therapy curriculum available anywhere in the world today.

    Our award-winning education goes far beyond technical training and access to expertise you won’t find anywhere else. Our mission has always been to bring respect and success to the professional skin therapist. And although our innovative products developed as the Dermalogica® line are the primary tool, it is our excellent education that ensures success for the professional skin therapist. This charge to be the best in postgraduate skin care is led by Jane Wurwand, a professional skin therapist. Since founding IDI in 1983, she has continually carried an urgent message to skin therapists: education is the key to improving every aspect of your business, from understanding galvanic current to creating a seamless booking system!

    As we celebrate our milestone 30th anniversary, we hope you will join us as part of a uniquely rewarding profession that thrives on human touch and communication, and we encourage you to utilize education to craft your own future with your hearts, minds and hands. To our students who have been with us as the years have passed, we thank you for staying by our side and being such a vital part of our growth. To new students, we welcome you and thank you for turning to IDI as your resource for skin therapy education.

    We look forward to spending the next 30 years with you and we thank you for allowing us to be such an important part of your success!

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