• On Track

    Can you believe we’re three months into the year already? I know, where has the time gone? This can be a dangerous period for any business because it’s so easy to have now slipped into “working in the business mode” not “working on the business mode.” This means not taking the vital entrepreneurial time to look at both the big picture and the finite financials. March should be a crucial period for your business planning, when it’s essential to take stock of where you are positioned currently in 2013. Is your business resembling a runaway train going speedily off the rails, or right on track to your chosen destination (as per your business plan)?

    How to Stay on Track:

    1. Put some time aside NOW to review your progress.

    2. Get your business plan out and measure where you are currently in 2013 vs. 2012, and note where you are according to your 2013 budget.

    3. Make clear assumptions as to where you are on track, and where you have deviated from your business plan.

    4. Identify where, what and why you’ve been weak in certain areas. You can:

    • Review your treatments sales
    • Review your retail sales
    • Review your expenditure
    • Assess your current cash flow and future projections
    • Audit your current staffing levels
    • Review your promotional/marketing calendar
    • Revisit your training protocol

    5. Identify where, what and why the areas you have been excelling in.

    • What needs to be amended in your current business plan to capitalise on your successes

    6. What do you have to do now, YES NOW, to get yourself back on track? Create the measures you need to put in place to get yourself on course for the rest of the year. Set weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks and objectives allowing you to reach your goal in bite sized pieces.

    7. “Tweak” your business plan accordingly.

    8. Share with your team the current picture of where the business is and the changes you plan to initiate to get back on track. Ask for their suggestions and buy-in and advice what role they must play in attaining these goals.

    As a business owner you are in the driving seat, you map your course, you fuel your engine, you drive with either caution or recklessness to your destination, you choose to deviate or stay on track, and you are in total control – it all comes down to you.

    I therefore wish you a safe and successful journey that gets you to your chosen destination!

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